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Most of these books can already be viewed online. They are not yet available on CDs.
Getting a Copy of These Reference Materials
   This Information Service is a non-profit activity sponsored by Maryknoll Taiwan. Copies of the pastoral reference materials it produces can be obtained by paying the cost of making a copy plus the mailing cost.

   If you live in Taiwan, you can get copies of any book by sending a postal money transfer (郵政劃撥儲金存款通知單) to cover the cost of printing and mailing to the following account: 20045211 廖光昭。On the money transfer, please write your name and address in Chinese.

   If you would like to know more about the content of a specific title, please phone (04) 2375-8433 Miss Isabella Kao (高倩宜), who manages these materials. Office hours: Monday to Friday (9:00 ~ 12:00 AM and 1:30 ~ 5:00 PM, Taiwan/Hong)

   The materials, for the most part, are liturgical and catechetical but also include some selections about local religions and local life value systems. These books can also be viewed electronically on this website.

Tel: 886-4-2375-8433

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