The following version of the
DjVu Browser Plug-in Reader
must be downloaded and installed
to read bopomofo books on this Site properly
If you have difficulty downloading DjVu, or if it doesn't work properly, contact:
Last Updated: 2/11/2010
Free Download
Step 1...
How to download the DjVu Browser Plug-in:
  1. Click on the DjVu Plug-in icon below.
  2. A download window should open.
  3. In the download window, click on Save.
  4. A save window should open.
  5. Designate the location in your computer to save the file for later use. Remember where you save it.
  6. The name of the file is:
Step 2...
How to install the DjVu Browser Plug-in:
  1. After download is completed, close all programs and find the downloaded DjVu file in your computer with Windows Explorer.
  2. Change the downloaded file extention from .xxx to .exe (DjVuBrowserPlugin45.exe)
  3. Then click on the DjVu file name to install.
  4. An installation window opens, click on Run.
  5. If the installation program gives you the option to remove a previous DjVu Plug-in, do so. Then repeat Step 3.
  6. After installation is completed, open the bopomofo site to read DjVu books.
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