Religions - 宗教
Traditional Characters with Phonetic Symbols, Pinyin and Taiwanese Romanization
Last Updated:    3/20/2013
Books with Traditional Characters plus Phonetic Symbols
(bopomofo) - 中文字包含注音符號

  20. Understanding Primary Truth, Yi Goan Dao - 認理歸真     
  21. The Spirit and Meaning of Yi Goan Dao - 一貫道的精神 
  22. Understanding Cultivation of the Dao - 明理修道  
  23. Thian Dao and the Bible - 聖經與天道   
  32. Harmony - Puli Inter–Religion Dialogue - 論和諧–宗教間的研討會  

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Books with Chinese Pinyin
(no Chinese Characters) - 大陸式拼音 (無中文字)

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Books with Taiwanese Romanization
(no Chinese Characters) - 台語羅馬拼音 (無中文字)

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